April 2022

Crazy Golf!


The Great Pastie Quest - Day 3 The pasties were sourced dinner was secure. Little did Dog know that crazy golf would live up to its name! Like a red missile, little chef's ball hit a trajectory and velocity that would put most NASA rockets to shame! Bugger!! #weeblesworld #dogsofinstagram #sprolliesofinstagram #mhmotorbike #56nbikes #cornwall

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It takes Allsorts


Cornwall Day 2 . . . The Pastie Quest Continues. . . .Cornwall was stunning, of that there was no doubt. The skies were blue and the sea was crystal clear.Today the quest took the fat boy and Dog to Bassett's Cove. Dog was a touch disappointed. Beautiful as it was there was not a [...]

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Agility? Bugger that


What was he thinking of? Thought Dog We are on holiday and fat boy tries to get me to exercise in an agility park!!! I'm off, where's the Cornish Pasty shop?

Agility? Bugger that2022-04-25T19:59:35+00:00

February 2022

A tad fresh


Dog was struggling, it was alright for fat boy, he had weight on his side against this wind!!

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Depressing weather


Not even the workshop was an option. You would need a boat and a decent lifejacket just to make that short trip. Dog and Weeble were bored.

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January 2022



Something told Dog that Mrs Weeble might not be too chuffed.


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