There’s not much to say about me really. I have been drawing from an early age. Bikes became a huge part of my life when I was 16 and I sat in motorcycle dealerships drawing them for my 6th year studies assignment.

Fast forward 30 odd years, and I find myself still doodling while I’m at work. Bikes were still a huge part of my life and then came another addition to my wonderful family. This time a four legged, furry, addition, Harvey.

Weeble, the character, appeared purely by chance. I started to draw a caricature of myself and, over time, he morphed into the character you see today. Dog was a natural addition to the doodles I did each day, partly because every biker has a dog, partly because he is a true character. The daily doodles are my relaxation and escape.

I hope you enjoy.



Everything started with a daily doodle. I put each on up onto my own Facebook timeline and people started to like them, many said I should “do something with them”.

I had only ever seen them as something I did while I was waiting on computer progress bars.

In the February of 2020 I decided to create Weeble’s World Facebook page. The idea was to put my pictures up for people to enjoy. I was astounded when I had one hundred page likes. It was quite surreal and very humbling.

I had made the decision I would get some of my early pictures done as prints and try to sell them at one day bike shows. It was a bit of a no brainer really, I would spend a day surrounded by bikes and like-minded individuals, and, if I was lucky, someone might buy a picture.

Then COVID happened, and the world stopped. No shows, no cafes, no bikes. Initially most thought it would be for a week or two, maybe three. I know I did. So, I drew the daily goings on of a biker and his dog in lockdown. The lockdown diaries were born (drawn).

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would get to day 100. Never did I think that they would be liked by so many people. They are a diary of the most bizarre times we have seen in our lives. One I will never forget. Strangely the whole lockdown and furlough period has allowed me to take stock and realise that this is what I truly want to do.



What can we say about Dog?

His character is inspired by our Springer Spaniel/ Border Collie cross (posh people call them Sprollies).

He came to us at 5 months old, within 2 weeks we thought we were going to lose him through an autoimmune problem which presented itself. 2 weeks, and nearly £1000 later, he recovered and, apart from the odd stiffness in his back legs, he’s a happy and healthy hound.

Harvey is exceptionally loving and caring, to those he knows. Otherwise he is, what is known as, a reactive dog. He’s a big fearty, as they say here in Scotland. He’s scared, but rather than run away he barks and growls. In a case of fight or flight, he is the former. Once those first “spicy” 10 minutes are over he will be all over you like a rash.

Dog is, in some ways, similar. He is Weeble’s right hand hound. Probably has the same intellect as Weeble (if not higher) and is never really far from his side.