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November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

The quest


In the current , supposed, fuel bereft, dystopian society the rotund road warrior and his trusty sidekick we're finding it difficult to fuel their quest. Dog just thought that , because of petrol hoarding twats, el lardo might not have enough fuel to go and get the much needed hobnob biscuits. Why could people not [...]

The quest2021-09-28T20:26:45+00:00

Movie Night


It was movie night at chez Weeble and a good old classic was put on. Some far fetched story about the breakdown of the civilised world and the eternal struggle to find fuel for vehicles. It was never gonna happen . . . . Was it?

Movie Night2021-09-27T19:45:30+00:00

May 2021



Cable ties, Duct Tape and a Can of Lube . To Weeble and Dog they were necessities of bike maintenance. Meanwhile many others were thinking something totally different and really needed to wipe their browsing history. #weeblesworld #dogsofinstagram #sprolliesofinstagram #bikerlifestyle #bikersofinstagram #mhmotorbike #56nbikes


Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 2


Don't put yourself down Even if you think you have no meaning or worth in this world there is always someone who needs you more than you can ever imagine. #weeblesworld #dogsofinstagram #sprolliesofinstagram #bikerlifestyle #bikersofinstagram #mhmotorbike #56nbikes

Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 22021-05-11T18:30:30+00:00

Mental Health Awareness Week


This is Mental Health Awareness Week. Be good to yourself, be kind to others, remember there are others who will be there for you when you need them. Above all else remember It's ok not to be ok.

Mental Health Awareness Week2021-05-11T17:33:03+00:00

April 2021

Going Nowhere


After the freezing run yesterday Weeble was still thawing out. The bike was going nowhere and Dog wasn't too bothered about exercising today either.

Going Nowhere2021-04-13T21:44:23+00:00

March 2021



Lockdown 2021 Boredom Dog saw the bare frame and engine and knew that Weeble was bored. This was going to be painful, on Weeble's bank balance!


Rock n Roll


Lockdown 2021 Rock n roll lifestyle!! 1 year ago today  Weeble's World was set up on FB. 1 year on and Weeble and Dog were feeling blessed with over 2000 followers and support from some amazing people and organisations for which they would be forever grateful. There was only one thing to do, celebrate in [...]

Rock n Roll2021-03-03T21:52:38+00:00

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