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January 2023

The Storm


When there are troubles in your life, when you feel a little deflated, when it doesn't rain - but it pours . . . There is always someone there for you, beside you, sheltering under the same tarpaulin, in the same storm. Work through the difficult times as , like storms, they won't last forever. [...]

The Storm2023-01-25T21:54:46+00:00

When the tiredness hits


When the tiredness hits even a bus shelter looks as comfortable as king sized bed at a 5 star hotel.

When the tiredness hits2023-01-19T17:42:55+00:00

Road trip


Nothing says road trip quite like overpriced service station fuel and underflavoured luke warm coffee.

Road trip2023-01-18T14:33:03+00:00

August 2022



Dog applauded the big guy and his anger management regime when it came to commuting to work on the bike. He preferred the more direct route to driver "education". He thought it only fair to offer Weeble a loan of his "teaching aid" in case the Tai Chi didn't work.


June 2022

April 2022

Crazy Golf!


The Great Pastie Quest - Day 3 The pasties were sourced dinner was secure. Little did Dog know that crazy golf would live up to its name! Like a red missile, little chef's ball hit a trajectory and velocity that would put most NASA rockets to shame! Bugger!! #weeblesworld #dogsofinstagram #sprolliesofinstagram #mhmotorbike #56nbikes #cornwall

Crazy Golf!2022-04-28T06:10:37+00:00

It takes Allsorts


Cornwall Day 2 . . . The Pastie Quest Continues. . . .Cornwall was stunning, of that there was no doubt. The skies were blue and the sea was crystal clear.Today the quest took the fat boy and Dog to Bassett's Cove. Dog was a touch disappointed. Beautiful as it was there was not a [...]

It takes Allsorts2022-04-26T19:03:51+00:00


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