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December 2020

Merry Christmas


A huge thank you to each and everyone of the amazing people who have supported me this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe and well.

Merry Christmas2020-12-24T22:25:10+00:00

Window Shopping


The only fun Weeble and Dog got nowadays, when they were near a bike shop, was window shopping.  

Window Shopping2020-12-18T21:26:20+00:00

No Rest for the Wicked


After a long day Dog decided enough was enough. Weeble still had another little job to do. As the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked.

No Rest for the Wicked2020-12-15T23:20:16+00:00

Life with Dog


Get a dog they said, it will be good for you. If will be fun.  Nearly four years on and what a change he has made. He has been so much hard work and the cause of so much worry. Conversely he gives unconditional love,  loyalty and respect to us all.  What this utter lunatic [...]

Life with Dog2020-12-06T14:52:20+00:00

Tyred and Emotional


That tyre was balder than Weeble (and that was saying something). So a new tyre was needed. Dog wished that Weeble, the biking 'Jabba the Hutt', could have used his own 'spare tyre' and save himself a few quid.

Tyred and Emotional2020-12-02T22:31:00+00:00

November 2020



It was a late night in the workshop... . . . a really late night.So there was only one thing to do at this late hour. Fire her up and give her a fistful or three of throttle


We will remember


They shall grow not old,as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them,nor the years condemn.We will remember them. Unable to congregate to pay our respects we have decided to mark remembrance day with a window display. In this,  the hardest of years we remember all of the veterans charities who help those [...]

We will remember2020-11-07T22:17:32+00:00

The good old days


At the end of a days riding the only pain was the refueling. Weeble remembers, with fondness, the days of 75p a gallon , 2 star, 3 star and 4 star petrol. Dog just watched the numbers climb and saw his chances of a treat out of the shop disappear.

The good old days2020-11-02T21:59:23+00:00

October 2020

Happy Halloween


Weeble was in for a bit of a surprise after a long day at work.

Happy Halloween2020-10-30T20:29:27+00:00


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